Strip #34: Soooo close!

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Strip #34: Soooo close!

Postby John Lee Bunting » Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:24 pm

Ooooo! We are close to something, aren't we? I'm excited to figure out what it is! Perhaps whenever the artist gets around to doing another strip, we will see :).

This strip doesn't have a lot going on, but keeping it simple is what I needed to get me back into drawing. I hate it when I keep putting other things in front of the comic, 'cause when I come back to it I'm rusty and it takes time to re-acclimate myself with the procedures. Thus why I created the "The Technique" section under ABOUT. Ya see? It wasn't for ya'll so much as for me in case I forgot how things worked.

Allllllrriiiighhhhttyyyy then!
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