Strip #32: TPM’s list looks like mine.

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Strip #32: TPM’s list looks like mine.

Postby John Lee Bunting » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:17 am

There is something seriously jacked up about that rabbit. I guess all of this has to do with my experiences with rabbits; they weren't good.

I really wanted to bring back TPM's view, 'cause I like coming up with his "objectives". Didja note his power level is running low? I wonder what that means... What does he use for fuel anyway?

Anything neat going on out there? I'm excited about next Tuesday 'cause Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out! I realize I'm a Final Fantasy fanboy and perhaps the games haven't been as awesome as they once were, but I'm holding on to hope!

What else? Nothing? Aight, later.
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