Strip #32: TPM’s list looks like mine.

Strip #32: TPM’s list looks like mine. [0 comment(s)]

There is something seriously jacked up about that rabbit. I guess all of this has to do with my experiences with rabbits; they weren't good.

I really wanted to bring back TPM's view, 'cause I like coming up with his "objectives". Didja note his power level is running low? I wonder what that means... What does he use for fuel anyway?

Anything neat going on out there? I'm excited about next Tuesday 'cause Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out! I realize I'm a Final Fantasy fanboy and perhaps the games haven't been as awesome as they once were, but I'm holding on to hope!

What else? Nothing? Aight, later.

Posted on Jan the 23rd, 2012 at 11:17:12 pm by John Lee Bunting

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Look at the new layout! Isn't it purty? The answer to that question is 'yes'.

I plan to tweak it more perhaps over the next few millenia, but nothing drastic. Maybe the new layout will inspire new drawings! Or maybe it'll bring false hope to those poor souls that find their way here, only to see the only changes are happening AROUND the comics, not with them.

Maybe... just maybe.