Strip #30: I guess she got the point, har!

Strip #30: I guess she got the point, har! [0 comment(s)]

Here we see MMM has been taken to a lake so that he might do some consulting. Notice the wavy lines in two of the top panels? Yeah those are supposed to resemble the shifting water of the lake. I bet you knew that though, you seem really smart.

I stuck with the same open panel style as I did in the last comic and enjoy it. I want some variance, so I'll try and do something different for the next strip.

I love Belma's line in the last panel because it is something I ask constantly of the "pets" that live at my parents' house; they are both cats, and neither of them let you pet them. My parents feed em and give em water, and treat them kindly but they will meow at you and never let you pet them.

Oh well, such is life, am I right? Lata!

Posted on Jan the 10th, 2012 at 10:01:35 am by John Lee Bunting

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I plan to tweak it more perhaps over the next few millenia, but nothing drastic. Maybe the new layout will inspire new drawings! Or maybe it'll bring false hope to those poor souls that find their way here, only to see the only changes are happening AROUND the comics, not with them.

Maybe... just maybe.