Strip #29: Too lazy to explain!

Strip #29: Too lazy to explain! [0 comment(s)]

Whew, I finished it; I am surprised with all the time I had off for the holidays.

Back to MMM, Belma, and their pets! You will probably note that the hopping cactus is named after my cactus, and if you didn't note this then write it down 'cause I didn't.

I tried something new with not filling in backgrounds for the panels, I liked how it looked better. I thought about erasing the lines around the panels but felt that blended stuff too much.

Next week (or month) I will stick with this group and flesh out what is up with them more. Then perhaps a month or three later, I'll get back to Silvia and what is up with that cupcake, 'cause we are dying to figure out if it is chocolate or what.

L8tr, hah!

Posted on Jan the 2nd, 2012 at 9:56:01 pm by John Lee Bunting

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